Cuteness is in danger! Jennifer is out on a hunt to extract cuteness from anything and everything in sight to create the world's finest line of make up. It just so happens, BlubBlub is the cutest blub there ever was... Rescue your friends and thwart Jennifer's scheme for building a cosmetics empire. Down with the syringes!

BlubBlub: Quest of the Blob is a classic platformer designed and created by Team BlubBlub, a talented group of middle school girls at the Girls Make Games summer camp in Boston, MA.

The game won Grand Prize at the Girls Make Games Demo Day 2016 and went on to raise over $32K on Kickstarter.


Interfectorem Interfectorem is the story of Alis, a young sheriff-in-training who lives alone with her sister Sali in a small town next to the woods.

Alis decides to go on a hike one day, but comes home to find her younger sister brutally murdered! Overcome with grief and vengeance, Alis embarks on a mission to find her sister's killer by following the trail of bodies the murderer leaves behind. She must return the favor of death!

Interfectorem is a murder mystery visual novel designed by a game dev team (called the "Team Who Must Not Be Named"), comprising of 4 middle school girls who won the Grand Prize at Girls Make Games Demo Day 2015. The game went on to raise over $12K on Kickstarter.

Striking a delightful balance between humor and horror, Interfectorem will keep your attention from beginning to end!


The Hole Story When an unsuspecting young girl finds herself transported to a mystical world, she must rely on her trusty shovel and quick wits to find her way home.

After digging up a strange portal in her backyard, budding young archaeologist Wendy falls through time into a strange new land. She quickly discovers that her best chance of returning home is to rescue Alonna, a princess who has gone missing from the kingdom. Her goal in mind, Wendy sets about resolving the problem the best way she knows how – by digging of course!

The Hole Story is a top-down RPG fantasy adventure created by a talented group of young female designers that won Grand Prize at the Girls Make Games Demo Day 2014. The team went on to raise over $31K on Kickstarter.

A sharp-witted game, The Hole Story is a beautiful testament to the immense talent contained in gaming's youngest creative minds!


Let no species stand before the might of the Penguin Empire!

Welcome to the world of PENGUEMIC – an arcade-style genre-busting hybrid game that lets you take control of penguin armies and claim dominion over the animal kingdom and beyond. Combining real-time monster combat, base defense, and tactical spell casting, Penguemic is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Representing 100 words frequently appearing on the SAT*, GRE®**, GMAT®*** tests as powerful monsters, destructive spells, and stalwart allies, Penguemic is an addictive, high-octane experience that will revolutionize the way students study.

Take up arms with your flightless brethren and sharpen your mind – the world is yours!

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