In the annals of gaming history, no genre has more maligned than the educational game. It is the ultimate black sheep of the gaming family. The stigma isn’t hard to understand – most educational games amount to little more than ‘gamified lessons’ with little thought towards game mechanics or fun.

At LearnDistrict, we’ve fought the Reapers, killed the zombies, and stopped them dirty Blues. There is a misconception that educational games are the only “games that teach”. The truth is, all games teach. Every game from League of Legends to Angry Birds is based on a system of players learning and adapting a certain amount of information to win. If the player is invested in playing, the learning will come naturally.

Who says that aliens, knights, and angry furry critters can’t teach us real-world knowledge? We say you can have your cake and eat it too (we swear the cake isn’t a lie).


Move aside conventional wisdom – it’s time for this black sheep to get some attitude (and maybe a jetpack).




Imagine a world where a high school student’s grades could be improved by a $10 game instead of a $70 book.

Students now more than ever are bombarded with all kinds of immediate distractions outside of school. Even in the classroom, they have access to laptops with an entire world of entertainment at their fingertips.

Instead of competing with these distractions, let’s embrace them. Let’s give them a game that teaches them everything a book could in a context that appeals to this generation’s growing need for kinetic stimulation.

The next generation of learning and gaming is here, and it starts at LearnDistrict.



 Laila Shabir


As someone interested in educating a generation, gaming is the most exciting industry to be in because of its effectiveness and growing presence in day to day life. There’s much good to be done with gaming; we’re only scratching at the surface today.

Favorite: League of Legends

At LearnDistrict I write the emails. And occasionally burn cookies.

 Ish Syed


Because why shouldn't we be learning and having fun at the same time?

Favorites: Deus Ex

At LearnDistrict I string 0’s and 1’s together until it makes sense.

 Andrew Dang


 Interactive media at USC

I played Cloud while growing up, and realized that games can let me experience things that I cannot in real life, for e.g., befriending clouds. 

In High School, I aspired to become an engineer, study computer science and illustration; but later realized that I can combine all my interests (programming, drawing, animation, and music) while making games.

Favorites: Golden Sun and Banjo Kazooie 

At LearnDistrict I animate penguins. 


Kristani Alcantara
Assistant Director
Computer Science at SJSU

Special Thanks:
Greg McKenna (Writer)
Yue Li (Art Director)
Elijah Hudley (Programmer)

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